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RYOJ-23 Heroine Insult Vol.123 -Super Unit Shield Five

RYOJ-23 Heroine Insult Vol.123 -Super Unit Shield Five

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Red, Blue, and Pink got information about the hideout of evil organization Nightmare and they rush into the site. The three find a man who were captured by Nightmare as a hostage while fighting with combatants in the hideout. Combatants take away the hostage, so Red and his fellows chase them. However, combatants appear one after another and prevent them. “I’ll take on them. Rescue the hostage, Blue and Pink!” Red says. Blue and Pink continuously chase them. Blue also fights with combatants and let Pink go to rescue the hostage. Pink finally rescue the hostage. When Pink tries to assure the hostage, he boldly smiles and says, “I’ve been waiting for you to be alone.” Then, the hostage man changes into Construction Worker Monster Gaten and attacks Pink. It was the trap to let Pink alone. Pink has to solely fight the monster. Pink uses her weapon Pink Ribbon to defeat combatants but she is driven into the corner by Gaten. Is Shield Pink able to escape from Gaten’s vicious attack…!? [BAD END]




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